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Justin Mabeya
Program Leader

Program Leader
Innovation & Trust Program

Justin is the Program Leader for the Innovation & Trust Program at African Center for Innovation and Leadership Development (ACILD) (www.acild.org) and oversees ACILD’s operations in Kenya. He was formerly a Senior Research Consultant with the Ethical Social, Cultural and Commercialization (ESC2) Program for the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) Project at the Sandra Rotman Centre. Mr. Mabeya holds a BSc degree in horticulture from Egerton University and a MSc degree in crop protection from the University of Nairobi. Justin also has specialized training in intellectual property management from the University of South Africa. Mr Mabeya has extensive experience spanning 24 years working in agriculture training, agriculture extension, pesticide regulation and research commercialization in Africa. He has also worked as a Research Commercialization Officer (Project Manager-Plant Health) with Bridgeworks Africa Ltd., a venture capital and research commercialization company in biosciences based in Nairobi Kenya. Justin has a passion for agricultural innovation and how that can impact positively on the livelihoods of the rural people. Justin has great aptitude and self-initiative. Justin is currently pursuing a PhD Agricultural Rural Innovation Studies at Egerton University, Kenya.