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The application provides for a number of features, the key among them being, a) multiple partner participation; b) loyalty system for farmers to grow fruits and vegetables; c) social auditing tool and d) access to information on improved agricultural technologies. Each of these features is briefly described here below:

  1. Multiple partner participation
    The need for partner registration and participation is anchored on the need to capitalize on synergy and give farmers (the ultimate beneficiaries of the application) a one stop shop for information on various improved technologies from multiple sources. Willing and relevant organizations along the agricultural value chains may be registered as partners in this application, upon which they may take full advantage of the benefits offered by the application. Partners may participate in the platform via their own dashboard, where they can register farmers, update the database with information on improved technologies and communicate to all stakeholders, including farmers, on areas of interest. ACILD has a moderating role on information flow between partners and the farmers.
  2. Loyalty system for farmers to grow fruits and vegetables
    The purpose of the loyalty system is to encourage farmers to buy and plant seeds of nutritious crops and utilize the produce for better health and livelihoods. The loyalty system aims at building a relationship of trust between sources of technologies (partners) and farmers who regularly and persistently buy vegetable and fruit seeds from accredited retail outlets (agrovet shops). For a farmer to earn loyalty points he/she must satisfy two criteria. Firstly, the farmer must be registered to use the application and secondly,theymust make a purchase of at least KES 100.00 (shillings one hundred) at any one time. The system is built in such a way that for every purchase of goods worth at least KES 100.00 (shillings one hundred only), the farmer automatically earns 10 loyalty points for which the receive a confirmatory text message. The points are automatically updated cumulatively and farmers are allowed to redeem the points after every two seasons. Farmers may redeem their loyalty points at a registered agrovet shop, where they may be issued with agro-inputs equivalent to the number of points they would want to redeem. At the redemption, a farmer may receive a sachet of seeds, a bag of fertilizer or even some pest control product.
  3. Social auditing
    Social auditing is a process of giving stakeholders an independent avenue for sharing their views about a project with the management, for the purpose of improving trust in the project and the products of the project. The ultimate goal is to enhance the adoption of the ensuing technologies to createbetter livelihoods. ACILD will be able to administer the social audit for and on behalf of partners who may be implementing specific agricultural projects. The development of this feature is based on several years of experience by members of ACILD team in conducting social audit of large multinational agricultural projects in Africa, whose results contributed to integration of stakeholder views in the project management processes and improved trust between the project management and the stakeholders including farmers.
  4. ccess to information on improved agricultural technologies
    The application is supported by a dynamic and up-to-date database of current information on improved agricultural technologies, sourced from our partners in research and development. Farmers may send questions, comments or views from their cellphones (smart or feature phones), and upon receipt an appropriate response is generated and sent back to the farmer in real-time, or within the shortest time possible. This way, farmers are able to access all the necessary information for use in growing crops for their improved nutrition and better livelihoods.