That African Centre for Innovation and Leadership was created in 2012 and launched in 2014 to foster innovation and leadership in Africa through the empowerment of science and technology researchers and leaders, especially youth and women, by providing the appropriate tools, resources, knowledge, and networks.To achieve this overall objective, we created two main programs that carry out our strategy: the Leadership Institute and the Innovation and Trust Program. Through the Leadership Institute, we have provided training for personal and professional growth in order to develop African professionals into visionary leaders who can devise solutions to Africa’s most pressing problems. This has included our recently organized African Youth Leadership summit which took place on June 10, 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria. Our main targets for this program are youth and women. The twenty-first century has so far offered many new discoveries in science and an array of innovative technologies in numerous fields. And we have thus far succeeded in identifying the main challenges that Africa faces in prospering as a continent. What is needed more than ever is further investment in human capital to make available strong human resources in Africa that can create more context-specific innovations in order toharness new technologies and help deliver them to those who need it most. The possibilities for innovation in Africa are endless.
At ACILD, we believe we can find and help tap the full potential of bright minds that are driven and dedicated to finding solutions for Africa.